Innovative Solutions

cbi provides innovative solutions to the busy or remotely located individuals Worldwide who are contemplating or engaged in career change, or who want to evaluate and better manage their existing career.
Time and efficiency are vital in today’s business world, as the business environment worldwide continues to change, the demand on your time is increased thereby reducing your ability to assess and prepare for the future. It is a case of being so busy working in your job; you don’t have time to work on your career, allowing someone else to decide that for you.

cbi understands that innovative ideas and solutions are essential, to enable you to make a comprehensive assessment of where you are and where you are going in your career.
The CBI Team

The cbi team has a broad range of executive experience and we understand that your situation demands a response, because the old ways of working simply wont work in the future.

Through our experience, personal training & commitment to assisting individuals to better manage their professional careers, we have developed an approach to career & personal development that is up to date, innovative in design and relevant to today’s’ market.

cbi Consultants work with clients from all levels and backgrounds; front line Executives and Managers, technical staff etc. through to project and support staff.

We also have cbi consultants who specialise in particular areas of knowledge and expertise such as: Senior Executive, Professional, Scientists etc. Encompassing specialisation in the areas of Career Management, Personal Development, Coaching, Sales Team Training and Development, Talent Retention, Succession Planning and Small Business Coaching.

Members of our team have worked and lived internationally and have repatriated into the Australian employment environment, providing additional personal experience to the Career Management process for expatriates.