Assessment & Planning

To develop self and contextual understanding (Paradigms).
To extend and deepen your understanding of options and how they relate to your future career.
To better understand your personal development needs.
To identify and investigate interests, passions, ambitions and dreams.
To understand perceived and real constraints.
To facilitate the mapping of your future direction with reference to self, employment options, family & community.
To empower you to take control of your career agenda.
By the end of this module you will:
Have an understanding of employment options in the broader environmental context and how they relate to your career plan.
Have a comprehensive knowledge of environmental influences and how they affect your career plan
Have identified your motivation, skills, competencies values, special talents and personal drivers.
Have an understanding of your personal development needs and a plan on how to address them.
Have a clear understanding of how to take control of your Career agenda.
Be able map your future career path with reference to self, employment options, family, & community.
Build and develop personal and professional skills, competencies and capabilities that will significantly enhance your capacity to execute your chosen personal and career strategy
Career Assessment to determine your preferences and competencies, vocational orientation, work environment assessment, ability scales, behavioural scales, job ideals and option compatibility.
An objective and comprehensive assessment will be conducted using one or more of the instruments listed below.
The instrument/s best suited to your requirements will be decided in conjunction with your personal consultant in a preliminary assessment discussion.
Selector Career-Step Report (Holland)
Extended DISC Reasoning Analysis
Extended DISC Personal Analysis Profile
Assessment review:
A comprehensive and informative review of the assessment outcomes.
Self-awareness sessions to further increase your awareness of drivers, motivation, skill sets, preferences, internal and external influences.
Develop a satisfaction matrix that reflects your preferences and values in moving forward, with particular regard to achievement, happiness, significance, legacy, self, family, work, community.
Clarification of career options and preferences, career contingencies, contextual and environmental influences, training and development needs and option compatibility.
Develop and map/Action Plan for your future career path.
Career Management skills acquired on completion of module
Improved self awareness
Clarification of your personal value proposition.
Focus and direction
Critical ‘environmental’ awareness